segunda-feira, fevereiro 17, 2014

Recebi esta resposta à uma indagação que fiz a uma venezuelana que conheço daqui do Facebook. Como a mídia oficial está meio que se escondendo faço questão de partilhar.

ello... we have protests from february 12th on.... all over the country. The protests started some weeks ago, some students in western states and during a baseball tournament in east of Venezuela. Some people were arrested,including students. February 12th is celebrated Youth Day, a protest was organized to celebrate the day and to demand the liberarion of the students arrested in past weeks, apart from other demands (security, food, etc). That day were killed 2 students and one guy from collective armed group. You know, in protests the pólice cannot use guns. but they did. and killed the guys. media are banned. they've been forbidden to show the protest all over the country. newspapers (with the Little paper they have) they cover the protests but the pólice have hit and robbed reporter's cameras to avoid they publish the truth.
we have used twitter to know what's going on. but the government started banning the pictures (we still have that banning around 10 or 20 times a day.)
Prostests have increased, more people have joined the protests. and government has repulsed the protesters with pellets, tear gas, and guns! arrested people have reported they have been tortured and raped. Since 12th, many protesters are arrested and this will continue... and government continues to blame the "facist" that causes chaos and manifestations on the streets.
these days have been craaaaaaaazy!!  me, personally haven't slept well. there is chaos everywhere....I live in Valencia which is a opposition city, so here streets and highways are full of protesters.

Com a palavra, qualquer um.

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